CBDC: Recommendations for Central Banks and Public Advisory

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We are currently considering Reserve Bank of India’s “CBDC ” project

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Important Dates for the Chapter on RBI’s CBDC


Tentative Timeline on Chapter: RBI's CBDC

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CBDC by RBI for financial access

To add to above, ECB recent report titled:

Progress on the investigation phase of a digital euro.



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Timeline of ECB’s Investigation:





The Bank is deliberating on the various aspects of technological choices available,
which includes, suitability of Tech Architecture(DLT/ Centralized/ Hybrid; Open Source/Proprietary), security of the Token Creation Process and Central Bank Node, standards and protocols to be followed by each stakeholder, robust preventive counterfeiting tech choices
(Robustness of Verifier technology), security considerations; especially in offline transactions and smart contract features and its use cases in CBDC in both, Wholesale(W) and Retail(R) segment. …(Section 8.5 Pg 48)

It is therefore imperative that while collecting data for issuance of CBDC, best interest of the citizens should be prioritised, only those personal identifiable data may be collected which is necessary and use these data only for the purpose for which it is collected. (Section 7.7.3 Pg 46)

In the end, the environment and energy intensiveness concerns shall also need to be factored while
designing the technology choices…Pg 31

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Citation: Concept Note on CBDC by RBI dated 7-10-22