Best Practices for security of open source critical infrastructure

In pursuit of Objective IV of the Foundation, this Call for Open Research is to observe and document case studies covering USA based public 501(c)(6) & 501(c)(3) organisations, which maintain open source infrastructure and their contravention with several local jurisdictions based labour and anti discrimination laws.

This open research should cover regulatory jurisdictions - India, and 27 member states in European Union, in which the Foundation is legally based.

Example Case Study: Apache Software Foundation(ASF)

Call for Open Research to document a public discussion paper using but not limited to following public resources:

a. Public Mailing List and Board Reports of Projects incubated and maintained by ASF

b. Director Appointment Reports of ASF

c. Whether legal bodies are incorporated or fiscal hosts exists in accordance to local business laws in these jurisdictions.

d. Direct Interview with the Data Protection Authority of at least two of the 27 member states of EU - Germany, Denmark and Republic of India.

e. Interface with the Ministry of Labour & Employment, India.

f. Interface with USA Department of Labor.

g. Interface with EU National authorities & labour law.

ASF is a non for profit volunteer driven organisation, which recruits volunteers in different countries.

The goal of this open research is to establish whether or not, anti discrimination and labour protection coverage applies to non US based nationals, who volunteer to a US based 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) organisations.

A statutory legal body is governed by the business authority of a local country.
Volunteers contribute to the projects over several Internet based mailing lists, residing across the planet.

Public Notice: This is in continuation to Foundation’s observation on governance of ASF’s project Apache Fineract, which operates in a highly regulated BFSI industry with each economy having highly specific data privacy, labour protection and anti discrimination laws.


This page details the objectives of the members of this Open Constitution.

Read more about ASF’s legal structure on their public website.

Read Open Research Guidelines:

Read about National authorities & labour law, EU

Labour law - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion - European Commission

Labour law

Notice: Timelines for open source release of Public Discussion paper to be updated.