Best practices for IP Adhoc clarification in derivative work from open source contributors

Complexities in solution licensing exist concerning commercialising derivative work, (co created by electronic persons), off the primary work of open source contributors.
Relevant discussions are ongoing in open source communities about:

a. Compatibilities between different organisation/naturalpersons/machineentity/institution created open source IP
b. Compatibilities between different open source licensing structures
c. IP clarification of contributors to open source projects, derived commercial product/platform models
d. Regulatory protections to Intellectual property rights of contributors within regional and global economic jurisdictions,


Identify and recommend best practices for open constitution licensing initiative;
Identify and update Open Constitution’s oss policy.
Identify best practices for IP clarification for open source contributors e,g citizens of open constitution
Suggest public policy conclusions on how can governments interact with this open source intellectual capital and licensing clarification.

This public discussion (open research) tracks relevant IPR litigation case studies, in pursuit of benchmarking best practices for Open Constitution collective and for IP clarification, release and reducing IP into open source, role of public repositories on GitHub for Open Constitution projects.

An example of an IPR litigation case study which is relevant to observe for this open research is that with stakeholders: Microsoft, GitHub Copilot, Open AI and open source contributors on GitHub.

Read the case document and relevant public urls including public representations of counsels associated with the proposed class action lawsuit; Case 4:22-cv-06823-KAW Filed 11/03/22


What data does Github Inc collect for copilot?

Github Privacy Statement

GitHub Copilot Intellectual Property Litigation - Joseph Saveri Law Firm

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm filed a class-action lawsuit against GitHub Copilot, Microsoft, and OpenAI on behalf of open-source programmers.

GitHub Copilot investigation · Joseph Saveri Law Firm & Matthew…

GitHub Copilot investigation

GitHub Copilot litigation · Joseph Saveri Law Firm & Matthew…

GitHub Copilot litigation

Research Methodology;

Foundation’s Open research Community guidelines and epistemical justice norms.
Publicly released legal instruments and documentation, including public interest disclosure request from relevant stakeholders.